Redecorate a Room with Only Custom Window Treatments in Philadelphia

Almost every homeowner has likely faced this situation before when it comes to redecorating a room: should I paint the walls or not? There are various factors that tell several people to avoid painting, like worrying that the strong color they’d like to adorn their walls would make the room darker. Fortunately, it is possible to spice up a space without getting a hold of the brush or roller with these design items:

Window Treatments
Custom window treatments from Philadelphia sellers like Allure Window Treatments can start things off. If sourced and installed properly, window treatments could add a striking amount of color without ever using paint (and create a visual focal point, to boot). For a dramatic, refreshing look, mounting curtain panels on the wall area near the ceiling with the bottoms reaching the floor is recommended. Experimenting with different patterns, styles, and color combinations is also encouraged to know which works best and which doesn’t.


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