Philadelphia Window Treatments—When Is the Best Time to Install One?


The television sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has recently been renewed for its eleventh and twelfth season. Any Philadelphian watching the comedy can tell that besides the story in each new episode, the title can never be more appropriate. Experiencing more sunny days than national average, Philadelphia, together with its surrounding counties, is literally a bright and sunny city. In fact, it has the most number of sunny days per year among all the cities in Pennsylvania.
While having many sunny days seems good, too much of anything is still dangerous. On a bright sunny day, sunlight can cause a lot of damage to your home, especially if your home has large glass windows. If the glass panes are not thick enough, light and heat can harm your furniture and raise your electric bill. This is where window treatments from Philadelphia companies like Allure Window Treatments come in. Here are some indicators that you badly need window treatment.


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