Living Space Revamp Ideas: Install Motorized Shades from Philadelphia

In this modern world, convenience is the name of the game. It’s easier than ever to get what you need, from food and entertainment to transportation. Interior design and home improvement have also been swept up in this revolution, and today’s homeowners have so many ways to create their dream home without breaking a sweat.

If you desire a home makeover but keep hesitating because of the stress and the hassle, you’re in luck—drapes or curtains, wallpaper, and motorized shades in Philadelphia are three ways to enhance your residence that are simple, yet make a tremendous impact.

Spruce Up Those Windows

Tired of the sight of your old windows? Drapes allow you to make those windows pop without springing for expensive, new ones. The soft folds of draperies do a great job of disguising harsh angles and hard surfaces. They also increase your privacy and diffuse the harshness of the sun’s rays, filling your home with gentle sunlight and nice warmth. Read more from this blog.


Protect Your Children with Safer Window Treatments in Philadelphia

Cords that are part of window treatments such as a blind or drapery pose a significant hazard for children. Unfortunately, many parents overlook this hazard until it’s too late. For the past three decades, hundreds of children’s lives have been lost because of these cords. This is true even if a diligent parent did everything in her power to ensure the cords were out of reach.

Window blinds are not really categorized as a hazard, but they can be dangerous around young children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, window cords belong to the top five hidden hazards in a home. The CPSC also has a few alarming information and statistics worth pondering:


Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Curtains as Window Treatments

Curtains are an essential window treatment that makes a room. Aside from aesthetics, they provide functionality, comfort, and protection that allow homeowners to completely feel at home. Curtains in Philadelphia, however, only work when chosen carefully. This means that you have to take several factors into consideration before making a purchase to ensure that the curtains fit the needs of every room in your home.

Blend It Perfectly with the Room

When shopping for curtains, consider it as an extension of the room. It has to go well with the room’s entire theme, integrating it with every element you can see around you. Many homeowners use the same style and type of curtain in all the rooms even if they have different themes. This makes some of the curtains look out of place. If you don’t have the budget yet, you can start with just a single room and not worry about the others just yet.


Steps in Cleaning and Maintaining Various Types of Blinds in Your Home

Just like your wallpaper in Philadelphia, your carpet, and other elements in your home, window blinds should also be cleaned and maintained regularly. Yes, this can be a daunting and annoying task for homeowners because it takes time and energy; however, leaving window blinds dirty could affect the look of your home and the air quality around it. If you want your house to always appear fresh and clean, then do the blinds as well.

Window blinds in Philadelphia come in different types, and cleaning and maintaining them should depend on their materials. This way, you can prevent damaging them by using the wrong cleaning materials or solutions.


Because wood blinds are mostly designed with a special finish that resist stains and dirt, cleaning them with a furniture polish will help maintain their good condition. Spray the polish on the slats and wipe each one with a soft cloth or a sock. When doing this, make sure the cords aren’t touched.


New TV Commercial for Wallpaper Company, Allure Window Treatments Airs

As a leading provider of motorized shades, window treatments and other home automation services in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Allure Window Treatments makes sure to reach out to all of the greater metropolitan regions. In keeping with our focus to cater to give our clients an unparalleled design excellence and degree of service, we recently launched a new TV commercial promoting our company. The commercial airs on several major channels like CNN, HDTV, and more.

Allure Window Treatments offers an array of different window treatments. From blinds and shades to shutters and drapes, we have it all. We firmly believe that windows are the eyes to the soul of the room, which is why choosing the best window treatment based on design and functionality is important.


Savings, Efficiency, Security: The Many Benefits of Home Automation

If you need convenient window treatments that save energy and increase security, consider home automation. This offers several benefits, including the following:

Energy Savings

Your HVAC unit will work harder if sunlight constantly shines through various windows in your home. To maintain a low energy bill, you must place motorized blinds or shades in spaces that generate the most heat. Automatic window treatments have sensors, which are located near the housing. Whenever intense sunlight shines on the sensors, the blinds or shades will close automatically.


Guide for Custom Drapes: Choosing Material, Color, Length, and Design

In planning the installation of custom drapes for your Philadelphia home, you must consider color, material, lining, and length.

Fabric and Color Considerations

The fabric is a very important element because the material will determine how efficiently a curtain can insulate a space during the summer and winter. If the fabric is very heavy, it may not fold properly while the curtain is closed. If the material is too light, the process of layering the fabric and keeping it in a specific configuration will be challenging. This is why you must choose a sturdy, pleated material. Curtains that always flare will not stay in place on a window.

If a lot of sunlight shines through your window, do not buy bright drapes because the UV rays will fade the fabric. Instead, choose a neural color since it will less likely fade.