The Hottest Trends for Window Treatments in Philadelphia this Year

Inside your home, you simply cannot afford to forego attention to your windows. Left bare and without style, they can stick out like a sore thumb. The pressing question is: Why would you let that happen when there are hot and stylish trends for window treatments in Philadelphia that can you easily try? With the right look, your windows can even become a focal point of your home, helping it to stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

To help you decide, following are some of the top window-treatment trends for 2016 that you may like to try in your home.

Go Big, Bold and Colorful

You heard it right. When it comes to your window treatments, bigger and bolder is better. It’s also beneficial to involve a lot of colors in your window schematics, and don’t bother about matching the shades, unless you intentionally want a boring-looking, unnoticeable home. Read more on this article.


Window Treatments for Philadelphia Homes that Can Help Save Energy

If you need to save energy in your Philadelphia home or office building, highly efficient window treatments can help. By installing awnings, drapes, films, or blinds, you can lower heat gain and heat loss during the summer and winter. Call on professionals like Allure Window Treatments to help you learn more about your options.


According to energy experts, awnings can reduce solar heat gain by 65 percent in the summer. A typical awning can shade a single window quite effectively. If you need to shade a larger portion of your home, you will need a custom-made awning.

Several years ago, awnings were constructed out of canvas or metal. The latest awnings are more durable because they are made out of acrylic fabrics, which resist water damage, fading, and mildew. When choosing an awning, ensure that the fabric is tighten woven and opaque.


Philadelphia Home Automation: Stress-Free Living within Your Grasp

The computer age in this 21st century has given rise to the transformation of many every day devices into smarter versions of their predecessors. Today, there are smart phones, smart automobiles, and even smart watches. With them, more and more tasks are becoming fully or partially automated, making them easier to use and depend on.
In light of all these changes, why not also have a smart home? It can definitely make living in your home safer, easier, and in most instances, more cost-effective. Think of it this way: your espresso machine starts brewing as you wake up, outdoor lights turn on as you pull into the driveway at night, and your window shades are fully motorized, among many other nifty features. Essentially, your home reacts to your living patterns and automatically does things that would have normally needed your effort and time.


Window Treatments in Philadelphia: Choosing the Right Window Blinds

Blinds are suitable window coverings if you want to control or adjust the amount of sunlight in your home. The adjustable slats provide enough versatility in how much exposure and privacy you desire for the room, as well as give you a perfect outdoor view once the slats are pulled up. Below are four general types of blinds in Philadelphia that suit specific windows.
Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are common window treatments with wide, horizontal slats, which are ideal for your bathroom window. The slats or thin strips of hanging metal or wood can rotate up to almost 180 degrees, allowing either complete privacy or visibility to the user. Venetian blinds are known for the diverse design options they offer, on top of the varied options for the materials, including plastic, metal or wood.


Interior Design in Philadelphia: How to Maintain Upholstered Furniture

While it’s a privilege to have the latest interior design trends in your Philadelphia home, the same comfort can still be provided to you by your current interiors if you maintain them well. Newly-bought or re-upholstered pieces of furniture will only look perfect at first, but in time its cushions will limp and its fabrics will tear, turning them into memories of yesterday.

Upholstered furniture basically consists of four parts: the frame, the support, the fabric and the padding. The frames hold the entire piece together while the support system reinforces and abuts the frames to the foams and the fabrics. Common support systems include springs in couches and solid legs in kitchen chairs. Materials used for frames also vary on the design, from rustic wood to metal and plastic.


Why You Should Hang Your Philadelphia Custom Window Treatments High

Numerous experts, home decorating magazines, blogs and TV shows such as HGTV have almost always advised that all custom window treatments, like those bought from dealers in Philadelphia such as Allure Window Treatments, should be “way up there.” This means that curtain and drapery rods should be positioned high and wide enough for the treatments to fall down gracefully on either side of the window while keeping the light unobstructed. This piece of interior decorating advice has been around for awhile, and it’s one that homeowners everywhere should follow.
Somebody once said that, “The room isn’t finished ‘til the drapes are hung,’ and in today’s interior decorating landscape, these words ring true. Window treatments like sublime drapes indeed finish a room’s overall look, and experts from Philadelphia and beyond would likely agree.


Can Philadelphia Home Automation Lead To Better Real Estate Value?

With the so-called smart home in Philadelphia and elsewhere, a curious matter is raised about its impact on real estate market values. According to seasoned realtor, Zachary Vichinsky, home automation systems, which will allow homeowners to control lighting and shading, HVAC, music and video, and other functions, will definitely increase any home’s market appeal and price. Vichinsky recalls a certain buyer who reiterated that one of the main reasons he had bought a particular house from him was because of its automation technology.

Home automation is generally new to the real estate market, and yet it’s already making significant waves. Data from the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Home Builders claim that any sort of home automation system, such as an automated security system, or a series of installed motorized blinds and shades from companies, such as Allure Window Treatments, can increase a home’s resale value by about three to five percent.