The Hottest Trends for Window Treatments in Philadelphia this Year

Inside your home, you simply cannot afford to forego attention to your windows. Left bare and without style, they can stick out like a sore thumb. The pressing question is: Why would you let that happen when there are hot and stylish trends for window treatments in Philadelphia that can you easily try? With the right look, your windows can even become a focal point of your home, helping it to stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

To help you decide, following are some of the top window-treatment trends for 2016 that you may like to try in your home.

Go Big, Bold and Colorful

You heard it right. When it comes to your window treatments, bigger and bolder is better. It’s also beneficial to involve a lot of colors in your window schematics, and don’t bother about matching the shades, unless you intentionally want a boring-looking, unnoticeable home. Read more on this article.


Know This Year’s Color Trends for Interior Design in Philadelphia

Color trends in interior design in Philadelphia as well as the rest of the country change every year. Homeowners like the idea of knowing the forecasted trend and adjusting the furniture in their homes to match the color trend. For the year 2015, the colors range from “yummy ice cream pastels to a few deep, saturated hues.” The pastels include vanilla, lilac, sky blue, pale peach, and blush hues, which are usually seen in tropical or desert climes.
Color forecasters are equal parts designer, sociologist, and predictor. They get and seek information from the houseware industry, the runway, and showrooms and magazines for trends. Paint companies also assess annually which hues will be hot in décor and take their pick for “color of the year.”
Homeowners who are looking to change things up in their interior according to the trends can make use of custom furniture that are tailored specifically to their requirements.


Tips for Interior Design in Philadelphia: Must-Try Trends for 2014

In 2014 there’ll be a move towards versatility. Instead of having one set look, we’ll see a base hues enlivened with accents of color which’ll bring a monotonous box into a fresh lively room. We’re talking bright chromatic splashes over unsaturated undertones. It’s a fresh and lively trend which invigorates the senses and perks up the spirit.”

Whether you’re looking for window treatments, furniture or upholstery in Philadelphia, you can always keep your home hip and trendy if you incorporate these ideas into your interior design this year. Always remember that in the end, what matters is choosing something that you’ll be comfortable looking at or having around you in your home.