Blinds and Window Treatment Design Company Opens New Store in Old City

Allure Window Treatments is proud to announce that we now have two stores serving the greater metropolitan area of Philadelphia and other surrounding areas. In addition to our showroom in Washington Ave, we have recently opened Hunter Douglas Gallery store in Old City last June 21st. As the premiere home automation and custom window design studio that creates and installs some of the best draperies, blinds, shutters and wallcovering, we believe that this recent development will only help us cater to our clientele’s specific needs.


Since being established by Roi Albo and Victor Agiv, our company’s goal has been to provide an unparalleled degree of service and top-of-the-line design excellence. This is what we hope to uphold with this latest addition of a new location

Visitors can expect the same level of quality workmanship and reliable products from our Old City store. By touring our new showroom, clients will get a better idea of the window fashions that are currently trending. Feel free to browse through the extensive displays of window treatments, motorized shades, sheers and more. Check out our vast libraries for sample fabric for custom treatments or large to-the-trade textile and wallcovering. Read more on this article:


The Benefits of Upgrading Home’s Window Treatment to Motorized Shades


Home trends today are all about making it as smart as possible. From security to equipment, having smart devices in your kitchen is highly coveted because of the increase in property value the items could bring. You don’t have to look too far for you to get started on making your home smarter, though.

Motorized shades, for example, have been around for a while, and they are among the easiest smart devices to install in your home. It has a lot of other benefits, such as energy-saving. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider switching to motorized shades for your home.


You know this all too well–the drudgery of having to get up from your spot just to adjust the blinds or draw the curtains. With motorized shades, you won’t have to do this anymore because you can easily control them all with one click of a button. This is going to be highly advantageous especially for those who have multiple big windows that need to be secured for privacy, especially at night. Read more from this blog:


Signs that You Need to Say Goodbye to Your Old, Worn-Out Window Blinds


The average lifespan of window treatments is seven to eight years but homeowners may want to replace their blinds even before then. Otherwise, old and worn-out blinds in your Philadelphia home might become unsafe and unsightly. There are several signs that can tell you that it’s time to let your blinds rest and to get new ones.

Warped or Misshapen Slats

Heat and humidity can damage slats. For instance, faux wood blinds get warped due to too much heat while wood blinds might be damaged due to humidity. Pets and kids can also damage aluminum mini blinds, bending the slats. If many of the slats are misshapen, it’s time to get a replacement. Read more from this blog:


Motorized Shades Add a Distinct and Convenient Touch to Modern Homes


As people get more tech savvy by the minute, homes should then adapt to provide all the creature comforts every person needs. Automated home systems for temperature, security, and even entertainment are now a growing market. Many homeowners are tempted to upgrade by giving their abodes modern amenities, such as smartly-designed motorized shades and window treatments.

Energy Efficiency and More

The biggest come-on for installing motorized shades in homes is the noticeable decrease in energy expenses. According to sources, with the right type of window treatments, you can expect cut down on your power consumption by up to 25%. During warm months of the year, like in June, July, or August, you won’t need to overuse your air conditioning as much. Your shades and blinds can reflect the summer heat and keep it from entering your windows. Read more from this blog:


Using Blinds in Combination with Other Design Features in Your Home


Blinds can be a very functional addition to your windows. They allow you to control the amount of natural light that enters a room, and can help you control temperatures or maintain privacy in your Philadelphia home too.

If you’re planning to have blinds installed in your property, you need to consider how they’ll work in combination with other design aspects to look aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas on how to have your blinds blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Color Complementing

Blinds are available in a range of colors and materials, which means you can choose some that complement the color and style of your current decor. You may choose a wooden blind to suit a rustic or classic room, or aluminum blinds for a more modern look. Read more from this blog:


Motivations for Motorized Shades as a Window Treatment in Your Home


Motorized window shades are starting to gain ground as homeowners begin to understand the benefits of such technology, much overlooked over the past years. Since new and more efficient motors and power systems are now available, this modern piece of window treatment is becoming more appealing.

If you’re still unsure of the power of motorized shades in Philadelphia, then the following motivators might convince you to give it serious consideration.


Modern technology has become noticeably smarter, to the benefit of your window treatments. With motorized shades, you can adjust your window covering in just a few clicks—anytime you want and anywhere you are. You can even schedule shade adjustments so that you can keep it up or down throughout the day, even if you’re not home. Read more fromt his blog: